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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Tools to get files from the remote folder

from aiida.common.folders import SandboxFolder

[docs]def list_remote_files(node): """Open an ssh connection and return the list of files in the remote""" computer = remote_path = node.outputs.remote_folder.get_remote_path() transport = computer.get_transport() with transport: remote_file_list = transport.listdir(remote_path) return remote_file_list
[docs]def get_file_content_from_remote(node, fname): """copy a text file from the remote to a temporary dir and load it from there""" with SandboxFolder() as tempfolder: with'tempfile', 'w') as f: try: node.outputs.remote_folder.getfile(fname, has_outfile = True except: # pylint: disable=bare-except has_outfile = False if has_outfile: with'tempfile', 'r') as f: contents = f.readlines() else: raise ValueError(f"File '{fname}' not found on remote") return contents