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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Plotting tools for aiida-spirit.

import numpy as np
from ._vfr import setup, update
from .get_from_remote import list_remote_files, get_file_content_from_remote

[docs]def init_spinview(vfr_frame_id='', height_px=600, width_percent=100): """ Initialize the vfrendering HTML object. Needs to be called before the show_spins function can set the spins :param vfr_frame_id: a string that controls if multiple windows should be openend. Use the same string in show_spins to update this. :param height_px: height of the window in pixels :param width_percent: window width in percent of the current width size """ # initialize vfrendering HTML object view = setup(vfr_frame_id, height_px, width_percent) return view
[docs]def _plot_spins_vfr( # pylint: disable=too-many-arguments pos_cell, n_basis_cells, cell, spin_directions, scale_spins=1.0, vfr_frame_id=''): """ Construct positions and directions array and update the vfrendering spin view """ # set positions and direciton of the spins positions = [] for iz in range(n_basis_cells[2]): for iy in range(n_basis_cells[1]): for ix in range(n_basis_cells[0]): for p in pos_cell: # set position positions.append(p + ix * cell[0] + iy * cell[1] + iz * cell[2]) # make flattened arrays positions = np.array(positions).reshape(-1, 3) directions = np.array(spin_directions).reshape(-1, 3) # normalize directions norm = np.linalg.norm(directions, axis=1) norm[norm == 0] = 1 # prevent divide by zero for ixyz in range(3): directions[:, ixyz] /= norm # scaling factor for the directions directions *= scale_spins # put mid-point in the center to have origin for rotation in the center positions -= np.sum(positions, axis=0) / len(positions) # update the vfrendering view with the new positions and directions # we use rectilinear=False here to be able to work with any structure try: update(positions, directions, rectilinear=False, vfr_frame_id=vfr_frame_id) except KeyError: print( f'\nERROR: Did not find the vfr_frame_id "{vfr_frame_id}". Did you specify the same as in init_spinview?' )
[docs]def show_spins( # pylint: disable=inconsistent-return-statements,too-many-arguments,too-many-locals, too-many-branches spirit_calc, show_final_structure=True, scale_spins=1.0, list_spin_files_on_remote=False, use_remote_spins_id=None, mask=None, vfr_frame_id=''): """ Update the vfrendering spin view plot with the final or initial spin structure. Needs to have the init_spinview() function called to initialize a window where the plot is shown. :param spirit_calc: the SpiritCalculation which is supposed to be visualized :param show_final_structure: boolean that tells us if the initial or final structure of the spins should be displayed :param scale_spins: a scaling factor that can be used to scale the size of the arrows :param list_spin_files_on_remote: print a list of the available spin image files on the remote folder. :param use_remote_spins_id: show neither final nor initial spin structure but show the structure of a certain checkpoint (see list_spin_files_on_remote=True output for available checkpoints). :param mask: mask which can be used to hide or rescale spins (mask is multiplied to the spins, i.e. mask==0 hides a spin, mask>1 enhaces its size). :param vfr_frame_id: if given this allows to control into which spinview frame the spins are shown. Should be the same as in the init_spinview. This is not fully implemented yet and does not work in this version. """ # get number of unit cells used in spirit calculation # we use the default value from the template file if nothing is given n_basis_cells = spirit_calc.inputs.parameters.get_dict().get( 'n_basis_cells', [5, 5, 5]) # get structure information from spirit input structure struc = spirit_calc.inputs.structure cell = np.array(struc.cell) pos_cell = np.array([i.position for i in struc.sites]) # get initial or final spin directions if 'magnetization' not in spirit_calc.outputs: if not spirit_calc.is_finished_ok and spirit_calc.is_terminated: raise ValueError('SpiritCalculation did not finish ok.') print( 'SpiritCalculation does not have magnetization output node. Cannot plot anything' ) return m = spirit_calc.outputs.magnetization minit = m.get_array('initial') mfinal = m.get_array('final') if show_final_structure: m = mfinal else: m = minit # apply a scaling mask if mask is not None: if m[:, 0].shape != mask.shape: raise ValueError( f'mask array is not of the right shape. Got {mask.shape} but expected {m[:,0].shape}.' ) for ixyz in range(3): m[:, ixyz] *= mask if 'defects' in spirit_calc.inputs: if 'atom_types' in spirit_calc.outputs: # hide defects atom_types = spirit_calc.outputs.atom_types.get_array('atom_types') m[atom_types < 0] = 0 else: # fallback if atom_types are not there # these are the positions where the initial and final spins are the same (hide those if we have defects) m[(minit == mfinal).all(axis=1)] = 0 # print a list of files that are still on the remote and which can be plotted if list_spin_files_on_remote or use_remote_spins_id is not None: print('getting list of spirit images on remote') remote_files = list_remote_files(spirit_calc) spin_images = [ i for i in remote_files if 'spirit_Image-00_Spins_' in i ] #all_image_ids = np.sort([int(i.split('_')[-1].split('.')[0]) for i in spin_images]) if list_spin_files_on_remote: print( f'Found {len(spin_images)} spin checkpoints in the remote folder.' ) return spin_images # istead of using the initial or final spins we show a certain checkpoint if use_remote_spins_id is not None: print( 'download spin configuration from remote (this may take some time)' ) #image_id = all_image_ids[use_remote_spins_id] fname = spin_images[ use_remote_spins_id] #'spirit_Image-00_Spins_'+str(image_id)+'.ovf' txt = get_file_content_from_remote(spirit_calc, fname) m = np.loadtxt(txt) print(f'loaded spin configuration from {fname}') # consistency check for magnetization and positions if != * raise ValueError( 'Shape of the magnetization directions and the (expanded) positions does not match.' ) # now update the vfrendering plot # this assumes that the init_spinview() has been called before _plot_spins_vfr(pos_cell, n_basis_cells, cell, m, scale_spins, vfr_frame_id=vfr_frame_id)